Alexandra for Burma

28 pieces

A collection designed by a Parisian for women who live with their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds... With “Alexandra for Burma”, Alexandra Zarcate, who is the fourth generation, has re-invented beauty for the everyday world. In the realm of fairies and nymphs so dear to Baudelaire, gracefulness is celebrated through ten little poems dedicated to light and nature. Jewels that are harbingers of sentiments, flights of fancy in silver and white Burmalites™ marked by passion and strength, gentleness and urbane sophistication.

Alexandra Zarcate

Alexandra Zarcate

“I love the idea that a head jewel can be worn with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Or with a chignon. But never between the two…”

“My grand-mother used to talk to me about Callas. She had seen and welcomed a number of prestigious customers. I grew up in the midst of this family passion for dreams and beauty”. So says Alexandra Zarcate, a member of the fourth generation of the family to work in the firm, who has been creating jewels under the “Alexandra pour Burma” label since 2012. Building on experience gained in the international luxury sector, Alexandra Zarcate promotes a special vision of excellence and know-how. Petals set by hand, pear cuts: work of the highest quality coincides with everyday wearability, based on contrasts: “I didn’t want any romantic flowers. I like things that are both sharp-edged and soft… My obsession is for mixing up all the rules to better respect tradition”.

Her favourite towns: Paris/New York/ Milan
Her favourite writer: Baudelaire
Her ideal jewel: “One that first and foremost reflects a personality”.
A dinner in New York? “With a necklace belt”.
A mistake to avoid with regard to jewels: “Poorly considered accumulation”.