Independent since its founding in 1927, Burma has grown over the years thanks to a strong style and image, together with a reputation linked to the loyalty of its international clientele. Faithful to the creativity and quality of the Maison’s creations, they are joyful and free-spirited, living their lives and travelling the world with Burma jewels.

  • 1927


    The year, Maison Burma was founded. Paris dances through the Roaring Twenties to the rhythm of jazz and the charleston. Gaston Doumergue inaugurates Boulevard Haussmann. Josephine Baker has started appearing at the Folies Bergères, with her Revue Nègre. At the heart of theater district, Burma offers a style adjusted to the new modern woman, who is emancipated and a little untamed.

    Burma attracts a cosmopolitan clientele able to pick from a wide variety of pieces in the two Parisian boutiques, one at 8 boulevard des Capucines and another at 16, rue de la Paix, closed to the Opéra.

    A Burma jewel “rivals real jewels without any difficulty”.

    Burma launches the “Burmor", an alloy that is exclusive to the Maison.

  • 1933


    “A high-class jewel for individuals of all social extractions”.
    Burma, which employs the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue for its catalogue, features in the theatre programmes of the Ambassadeurs, Bouffes Parisiens, Théâtre Antoine and Théâtre de l'Athénée.

    “Don’t hesitate to offer any elegant lady the bracelet which will highlight the appeal of her personality".

  • 1936


    Burma adorns Josephine Baker for her Super Folies revue at the Folies Bergères. A little more than ten years after the scandalous Revue Nègre, the return of the Ebony Venus to the stage after her tour of the United States marks an important date in the history of this Parisian establishment.

  • 1938


    Whether they are Mistinguett, Josephine Baker, Michèle Morgan or Jeanne Moreau, the stars have always had close links with Burma. The sparkle of Burma jewels is synonymous with being eye-catching, noticeable; with absolute light.
    “A woman is always seductive when she wears a Burma jewel”. Michèle Morgan
    “Burma jewels are astounding. Their perfect execution makes them easy to mistake for real jewels”. Mistinguett

    "A woman is always seductive when she wears a Burma jewel…" Michèle Morgan.

    "Burma jewels are prodigious. Their perfect execution makes them strikingly akin to real gems..." Mistinguett.

  • 1950


    The uncontested specialist when it comes to cultured and synthetic pearls, Burma continues to develop its know-how.

    This year, a collage by René Gruau, the “fashion sketcher” who works for the leading fashion brands, immortalises the style and elegance of Burma.

  • 1955 1955


    The famous British fashion photographer Cecil Beaton gives Burma jewels pride of place in Vogue with a series of portrait photographs that are subsequently used by the brand.

  • 1957 1957


    Burma pearls soon become indispensable complements to the suit and little black dress placed on a pedestal by Parisian haute couture… Each Burma boutique soon has two workers to string pearl necklaces by hand.

  • 1960


    Burma fine-tunes its skills in choosing and using materials and starts working with precious metals like gold and silver with the expertise and know-how of the best craftsmen jewellers. Burma innovates with the introduction of zircon which, once treated, looks like diamond.

    In 1963, Burma Champs-Elysées commissions the replica of the sumptuous necklace made for Marie-Antoinette and donates it to the Château de Versailles Museum.

  • 1976


    Introduction of Burmalite™ by Burma: this is a fascinating synthetic gem cut by the finest gem cutters, and whose astonishing sparkle stands out as a signature. An exclusive collection of replicas of Tutankhamen’s jewels is presented at the Louvre, and the vermeil settings continue to increase the Maison’s notoriety.

  • 1980


    The 1980s mark the expansion in the network of Burma outlets, coinciding with increasing international fame. The creation of unique sets in silver or vermeil and Burmalites™ strengthens the maison’s image. From daffodil yellow to tourmaline pink, and aquamarine blue to peridot green, Burmalites™ triumph in a range synonymous with sparkle and excellence.
    In 1989, Burma is awarded the “Stratégies de la Communication“ prize and sponsors the first Biennale du Bijou at the Hôtel de Sens in Paris.

  • 1991


    A shareholder in the family-run group, Bruno Zarcate takes over control of Burma after becoming its managing director in 1987. His ambition is to combine know-how and creativity with the new stylistic challenges that will give the brand a new international impetus. He turns to a talented designer who works for the jewellers of place Vendôme.

  • 2005 2005


    The first ad campaign, shot by Paolo Roversi for Burma with art director Nicole Wisniak, the head of the cult magazine Egoïste.

    This year sees the first advertising campaign by Paolo Roversi for Burma, under the artistic direction of Nicole Wisniak, editor of the cult magazine Egoïste.
    The first issue of Egoïste appeared in 1977. The most influential photographers and writers of the time, from Helmut Newton to Richard Avedon, and Françoise Sagan to Jean d’Ormesson, have featured in the 16 issues published to date. Famous for the prestige of its layout, its legendary images and made-to-measure advertisements designed and planned by Nicole Wisniak, each issue of Egoïste is collected by numerous followers.

  • 2012


    Alexandra Zarcate presents her “Alexandra pour Burma” collection. It constitutes a naturalist rock series revisiting the spirit of the Maison through ten silver and white Burmalite™ pieces, and combining a neo-classical aesthetic with the boldness of a generation seeking made-to-measure dreams.

  • 2013


    The firm turns to Atelier du Pont, directed by Anne-Cécile Comar, to design a new concept of boutique. The first outlet to undergo a metamorphosis is the historic boutique at 16, rue de la Paix 75002, followed in 2014 by the shop at 72, rue du Faubourg St Honoré, 75001.
    In a play of reflections and transparencies, a vast chainmail chandelier and elliptical display cabinets suspended in a subdued atmosphere underscore a bold setting that creates a fascinating, magnetic universe.

  • 2015


    While Burmalite™ and synthetic gems plus know-how in jewellery-making typify the world of Burma, this year sees the maison launch a new collection of unique items: Les Ephémères de Burma.
    Exclusively made of fine gems in a marvellous blend of amethysts, coloured sapphires, tourmalines, chrysoprases, prehnites or topazes, each of these creations offers a nuance of infinite colours to satisfy every desire!

  • 2016


    New creations under the “Alexandra pour Burma” label join those of the first collection launched in 2012. An incredible cuff bracelet interlaced with flowers, a sublime tiara and other head jewels reworking the soft yet sharp image of a flower that is so dear to Alexandra Zarcate, of the fourth generation of the family, who draws her inspiration from Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal.