Discover the Lights of Paris


Founded in 1927, Maison Burma was born to the rhythm of Jazz and Charleston, what a better tribute to be inspired by this emblematic current of the XXth century to imagine a new collection and thus continue to celebrate more than nine decades of know-how, history and creation.

The excitement of the interwar period, women emancipation, Cubism but also the design and architecture of this decade are all inspirations for Alexandra Zarcate, Artistic Director of the Maison, fascinated by this period which also marks the rise of a new Jewelry era.

This set, signed by Burma Fine Jewelry, echoes the pioneering character of the House, being the First French Jewelry House to use lab-grown gemstones.

Entirely set in white gold and paved with lab-grown diamonds, the Lights of Paris collection is an innovation at the heart of the House's history, combining modernity, glamour and the jeweler's heritage.